Nicole Dextras (2)

She has a new installation under the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver called, “Belonging: sous le pont“.

I like this one as I had a similar idea at Turcot.

Nicole Dextras

Frozen Textiles 


9 responses to “Nicole Dextras (2)

  1. This whole site is a fascinating document. I used to live in Stoke on Trent, which has more abandoned urban space than any city in Britain, so I share your aesthetic sensibilities!

  2. Hi:
    Thanks for putting up my work. I was just at French CBC yesterday recording an interview about my project. I will have a link to it in a week or so. Also i will be back east this winter, doing an ice installation in North Bay and it would be great to do some frozen poetry at Turcot. Let’s talk.

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