High Water Line

Very interesting art project in NYC by Eve Mosher . Brought to us by the good folks over at Inhabit. “From May to October 2007, Mosher is drawing (by-hand or pushcart) a white chalk line through the waterfront communities of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan in order to illustrate the 10-feet above sea level mark that potentially threatens unsuspecting neighborhoods, commercial zones, city streets, and private residences. High Water Line marks the extent of increased flooding brought on by stronger and more frequent storms as a result of climate change.”

High Water Line

3 responses to “High Water Line

  1. Did I hear correctly, recently, that they made the artist remove the art installation, because people with property “below water’ were saying it would reduce their property values? NPR maybe?

  2. I think the High Water Line art is exactly what art can be. It is fabulous.
    In the September 10 issue of Time magazine, I read this, and it may be related, though not. Seems making art these days can be more than controversial…
    “An opthalmologist and his sister sprinkled flour in a Connecticut Ikea parking lot. An ensuing bioterrorism scare forced hundreds to evacuate. The two now face felony charges. The dusting marked a trail for the local chapter of the Hash house Harriers, a global group that says it’s a “drinking club with a running problem.” Lead runners mark a trail, the rest follow. The Harriers stopped using flour after 9/11. Paint may be a safer bet from now on.”

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