New York! New York!

NYC has a sustainability plan that was reached in large part by a consensus and participation process with citizens. And they are calling it PlaNYC! One of the goals expressed is that every New Yorker be no more than a 10 minute walk to a park. Ok, a 10 foot square piece of grass with a bench and a little bush could technically be called a park, but it is still a pretty cool idea.

In Montreal we watch city hall continue to show contempt and resentment for the opinions of citizens on every single important project. But, rumor has it that Mayor Tremblay’s sustainability plan for the future includes a development clause that forces every new condo built/converted to include a 4 person rubber dinghy. Now that is optimism!

2 responses to “PlaNYC

  1. Hey, they should sell that plan in England! It would go like hotcakes…or like rubber rafts in a flood plain.
    At one time in Vancouver the mayor and council tried to ensure that no-one would be more than five blocks from a bus, but that long since fell by the wayside; the McMansion dwellers don’t care to have trolley lines on their streets.

  2. No, indeed. The ideal aspects of any plan used to promote the projects are usually the first to somehow get declared undoable. Funny how that is sooo consistent!

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