Quebec Is Loaded

Why didn’t I know that?

You have the Rupert River project up north estimated at at least a billion.

The New Turcot Interchange is estimated at 1.5 billion.

Mayor Tremblay’s recently announced transportation plan for Montreal is estimated at 8 billion over the next 20 years.

We have two “Superhospitals” to be built in Montreal that will probably cost at least a billion apiece.

And now they are announcing that 10 billion will be spent over the next 20 years to renovate the city’s water systems.

Quebec has money flying out the ‘ol wazoo! And who knew?


3 responses to “Quebec Is Loaded

  1. All of these things are necessary for the city.

    Montreal’s existing facilities and structures, while fab in the 1960’s, are now neglected and out of date. The city has no choice.

    People are quick to complain when no money is spent.

    And, evidently, people are quick to complain when money IS spent.

    I’m just happy we’re investing in MTL’s future…

  2. Good point, Jason. For me the issue is how we are doing these things. I’ve lived to see the Olympics get paid off while leaving the legacy of a spectacular but fairly useless stadium. I guess confidence is a key with this many mega projects on the go. Were the Olympic games successful? On many points they were one of the best games ever staged. Was it worth it? 30 years to pay them off with said stadium to show for it makes me really want to say no (smile).

  3. I cannot defend the 1976 Olympic games, it was truly a financial disaster.

    Let’s hope the city has learned from the experience, and won’t repeat such a fiasco.

    And on the subject, I really hate it when people confuse the 1976 Games (a disaster) with Expo 67 (a success)…

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