An Engineering Miracle!

The Turcot Interchange? Think about it, the thing was designed for speed and it does the job! Wait a minute now, your thinking, how come the thing is jammed at rush hour every day?

Well, let’s just look at Autoroute 20 coming in from the West Island. You have tons of driver only vehicles from the “lower” West Island driving in to downtown every day. First slow down might be at Dorval Circle where tons of vehicles are getting on and where some people are going to take Cote de Liesse North. Then, in Lachine, you have Highway 13, which is carrying thousands of driver only vehicles from the “upper” West Island who all want to go downtown, and it converges with the 20 into a single freeway heading to the city centre. Classic bottleneck right there!

So you have bumper to bumper traffic heading into Turcot, but wait, thousands of other vehicles from Laval and environs are oozing down Decarie to Turcot – and they all want to go downtown! So you have two major freeways merging right on the Turcot Interchange.

Now you have thousand and thousands of vehicles heading downtown and they all want to get off at the 5 exits between Atwater and Saint Denis!!!!!

And there are traffic lights at the ends of those ramps.

It’s an engineering miracle anyone gets anywhere on any kind of a regular schedule .

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