Chelsea Hotel

-It’s in trouble, folks, as it s new owners see a legendary 12 story chunk of architecture in lower Manhattan and begin to think Billions! Of course they have stated that they are interested in maintaining a bohemian aura about the place, so God bless their little developer hearts.

Here is a blog that captures the current spirit of the place.

O. Henry, Arthur Miller, Robert Crumb, Sherwood Anderson, Willhelm De Kooning, Sarah Bernhardt, Jack Kerouac, and Hart Crane are just some of the famous artists associated with the Hotel Chelsea.

Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001 while staying there. Bob Dylan wrote Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands. Leonard Cohen wrote Chelsea Hotel #2 after an affair with Janis Joplin.

And the list goes on…..

The Hotel Chelsea – a rest stop for rare individuals

From Wikipedia

Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel At Midnight

Mark Twain, Allen Ginsberg, Joni Mitchell, Charles Bukowski, Dylan Thomas, and did Syd stab Nancy there?

“I’ve been here 50 years and this hotel is my life.” Long time manager and Hotel Chelsea legend himself, Stanley Bard.

Change is always inevitable but this is going to alter an important part of history in New York City. A lot of the artists associated with the Hotel Chelsea were not well off and famous when they did their thing there, while some were only beginning to become legends. It could become a place where people like that may no longer be welcome. Ironic, yes.

2 responses to “Chelsea Hotel

  1. Ironic that those that would be able to afford a new, more expensive Chelsea Hotel would be those artists from yesteryear, now very rich. 🙂

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