5 responses to “Painted Columns

  1. Neath: some day soon I’m going to do a writing topic post that points readers to your site. Freeway underpasses (overpasses, too, but especially underpasses) are so evocative to me. I’ve dreamed about living near them, being lost in them, going through them. My dreams are never bad nor good; at most they’re expansive. Sometimes the lost ones can feel desperate.

    I’m surprised by how you find the photos, and now paintings, that capture abandoned (or feels like abandoned) space.

    I noticed QM was here. I didn’t know she’d been.

  2. My art has taken a turn toward the abstract — these three images ( two are 3′ x 4′ and one is 6′ x 4′) are at the BYU library in Utah and represent my work about 8 years ago. I teach at Weber State University, and continue to sell my art — contact danieldolberg@weber.edu — I know nothing about blogs — just googled myself and found my paintings here.

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