Express Train

Very nice photoblog by Travis Ruse.

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
I work in midtown Manhattan. (UPDATE: Up until the Spring of 2007 that is.
I’m now working at the new 7 World Trade Center building.)

42nd & Lexington Ave., to be exact, right across from Grand Central Station.

As the crow flies, that’s just 6 miles. But on the tracks, it can be three trains,
11 stops, and 45 minutes each way.

This is what I see every day commuting to and from work.


Express Train


3 responses to “Express Train

  1. I like the middle one, maybe because I am a middle child, but I don’t think so. It looks as if the people have been put through some type of grinding machine, as if they may pop out as Brooklyn style Canibal sausage. Any way you tilt your mind, it’s nice. The end.


  2. They used to call it The Rat Race everyone rushing off to make money rush home to stock up on material goods go to bed get up and do it again, not unlike cattle being herded in and out every day, metaphors abound, and, yea, grinder ain’t a bad word.

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