More stuff from 2M Ressources. I thought that Transport Quebec had bought this land primarily because it seemed so logical in light of future work on the interchange, but there is a for sale sign in front of the property so we will just have to see what happens. Oddly, the demolition seems to have stopped about 2 weeks ago. There is all kinds of scrap metal lying around and I am surprised it hasn’t been grabbed yet.

8 responses to “Abandoned

  1. Yes, Controleman, there was a fire and I will gladly eat humble pie atop the Malt Plant to, uh, well, maybe just for the fun of it. The day I took these pics I had entered from the Turcot side and stayed mostly in the “back” area. I have to admit the way the metal strips were lying in front of the building had me wondering if it was even legal to strip metal off a building like that and just leave it there. Anyway, today I drove by the front and sure enough there had been a fire in the office area. And that explains the metal – the firemen had stripped it off in case the fire spread and nothing was to be touched after until the firemen/insurance investigation was completed. Arson would be an excellent guess.

    Controleman, I will never, ever, question anything you say again!

  2. Follow the spiral and listen to me: Every single chikens on earth have teeths, at three, you are going to remember this until you die. One, two, three.

    (Ok…I just had to do the joke) 😛

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