Freeway Bike Hike (Turcot?)

Photo: Hann

The Freeway Bike Hike is an annual race in Perth, Australia, that raises money for asthma research. Here is the website and here is a first person account from Hann’s blog.

It is not hard to picture the Turcot Interchange being used for such an event. In fact, it would be extremely popular and bring tons of money into the city. So you block off the Interchange on a Sunday morning and hold races that have an “iron man” theme to them (part of the international draw could be to let x amount of ordinary cyclists have a run over the course).

The 20 could be closed from Dorval allowing the racers to have a good run at the Interchange which would be temporarily rerouted to allow the cyclists to weave around the various levels with perhaps a flat out race along the Ville Marie Expressway towards the finish line downtown.

This could raise big bucks for any cause, let alone the powerfully ironic sustainability message it would send. It’s all in the marketing (wink).

Sure, it would require a lot of coordinating and publicity, but nothing a good core army of volunteers couldn’t pull off.

And just picture the look this would have on television and the internet if the Interchange were painted?

Very doable and would be quite awesome!

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