In case any one is wondering what this image is doing over in the ‘ol blogroll, it is the link to the fabulous and extremely popular blog, Raincoaster.

Normally you would see a button with the Raincoaster logo on the link, but success has driven Raincoaster well beyond the allowable monthly bandwidth.

So for those of us who run photoblogs it is good to note that success may actually shut us down at some point in the blogospheric future. It is not a bad problem.

The obvious short term solution is to simply upgrade to a pro account at web hosting services such as Photobucket. But some of us blogger types insist that we do the web for free and keep it that way (though free upgrades could be welcome!).

Raincoaster should be back to normal in 4 days!

Rock on, Raincoaster! Long may you bend and stretch bandwidth, long may you shine!

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