West Toronto Railpath

Photo: The Friends of the West Toronto Railpath

From Spacing Wire,

“The West Toronto Railpath (WTR) is a community initiative formed to facilitate the conversion of abandoned rail lines running between the Junction (around Dupont and Dundas Street West, at Cariboo) and Strachan Avenue (well, initially) into a linear greenway, creating a 6.5 kilometre-long active transportation artery running diagonally across the street grid in west Toronto.” Construction starts later this year.

You can read more here.

Turcot Yards is huge. It represents a lot more potential than most of the “greenbelts” being built in cities worldwide. Montreal can become a world leader in sustainable development by creating a “green” project on a scale that would be physically impossible in almost any other city anywhere. It is a mindboggling opportunity.

Or they can go ahead as scheduled and build “light industrial buildings” that will in reality create about 31 permanent jobs, be a disgrace on the landscape, cause traffic problems, but put a few bucks in the tax scheme of things.

It is a total no-brainer, folks!

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