Nicole Dextras

Vancouver artist in residency on Toronto Island brings us some frozen art.

From her website, “Ephemeral art is by its very nature impermanent.
Dextras works with organic materials to create
outdoor installations that will with time disintegrate
and return to the earth. The photograph is the only
permanent trace of the artwork’s transitory existence.
These images speak to the temporal quality of our
lives and our relationship to the environment.”

Nicole Dextras

And be sure to check out all the works at her Flickr page.

And I am not going to say how great it would have been if someone had done something like this at Turcot Yards this winter. No, I won’t say that, but I will wish I had thought of it.

6 responses to “Nicole Dextras

  1. yes i think you should say it- something like this should be done at turcot yards!!! i am always looking for big cold spaces….

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