Changchun World Sculpture Park

Located in northeastern China, the city of Changchun in Jilin province is home to the world’s largest sculpture park. “The park covers 90 beautifully landscaped hectares and is also home to a large indoor sculpture gallery. There’s a large lake that spreads in a wide undulating arc across the centre of the park and is punctuated by 4 white concrete waterfalls that step out narrowly into the blue.” More here.

Changchun is said to have a green space and garden ratio of 38% which is mind boggling for a metropolitan area that has a population of 6.83 million and a population of 2.78 million in its city proper. Try that in Europe or North America!

Urban sculpture parks mediate the time between how the earth has evolved and the interventions of man. Like other types of negotiations we can hope that the dialogue may lead to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Slow loading page of sculpture photos

And the Canadian connection here is that Changchun is also home to the Norman Bethune Medical Science Division of Jilin University.

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