Traffic Jam

Well, I have said before that the situation with the Superhospital being built on the Glen Yards site makes
the development of Turcot Yards very complicated.

This is from a page  of the CDN/NDG Residents Association website.
“As members of the NDG community, we feel strongly that there is an alternative to this problematic traffic plan: use the very specific Glen site (hemmed in by the train tracks to the north and by the bluff to St-Henri to the south) to wonderful advantage. Build all the vehicle entrances and exits to and from the hospital underground towards the empty spaces of the Turcot yards, and restrict direct access from NDG and Westmount to pedestrians, cyclists and of course emergency vehicles. This could allow for a safe, quiet, clean and pleasant hospital complex on the ground level of the whole site, an innovation that would put Montreal in the forefront of green development practices worldwide.”

Well, I agree that the idea of a “green” Superhospital connected to a “green” Turcot Yards would indeed lead us into  the forefront of international urban development.

Here is a proposed solution to the traffic problems with the hospital.

The problem with this proposal is that it would be
tunneling into the Glen site under existing roadways.
I am not sure I can  see  ground level roads
even under the interchange
 as being useful towards
the development of  Turcot Yards, especially if such development is going serve the residents of Saint Henri in particular.

Also this plan would alter De Carillon street and it’s current traffic and encourage the use of Pullman as a regular road. Still, on the other hand, I could learn to live with it, if it prevented development of roadways through Turcot Yards.
CDN/NDG Residents Association

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