Sculpture In Seattle

Olympic Sculpture Park
“For decades, squat oil tanks dominated a six-acre site wedged between downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay. But by 1998, Union Oil of California had largely finished a decade-long cleanup of the land-three separate parcels divided by a four-lane highway and a railway corridor (another Turcot parallel!)-and was ready to sell.” More here.

Here is a rendering of the final layout.

The park is structured with a “Z” shape and is loaded
with layers of meaning, references, and ideas.
It also features artworks by many internationally acclaimed
artists such as Louis Bourgeois, Richard Serra, Mark Di Suvero, Ellsworth Kelly, Anthony Caro, Roxie Paine,
Teresita Fernandez, Glenn Rudolph, Mark Dion and Alexander Calder.

According to Serra, “There’s nothing else like this in the country for outdoor art”. More here.

Montrealers may be reminded of Lachine’s Outdoor Sculpture Park.

But it is Calder’s work, Eagle, that will
really resonate with locals. In fact, Eagle
is quite reminiscent of Calder’s work,
L’Homme, which was installed for Expo’67.


And Turcot Yards could accommodate sculpture on a very large scale.

Public Art Scene: Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park
by Katy Jeffery

Olympic Sculpture Park is scheduled to open in January, 2007.

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