In 1982 artist Agnes Denes  planted a wheatfield in lower Manhattan at a landfill site at Battery Park.

The Wheatfield project was a stark visual contradiction: a beautiful golden field of wheat set among the cool steel skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan. Denes believes her “decision to plant a wheatfield in Manhattan, instead of designing just another public sculpture, grew out of a long-standing concern and need to call attention to our misplaced priorities and deteriorating human values.” More here.

It becomes clear that we have become very biased  in our notions of “urban” by excluding possibilities that are not driven by short term profits or an absurd, redundant, and repressive architectural  order.

I look at Turcot Yards and I easily see a windmill, a field, streams and trees,  and I also see the interchange, with it s new coat of paint, and the freeway busy, busy, busy. And they all work together quite nicely!

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