Houston’s Downtown Oasis

Here is a rendering of the to be developed park in downtown Houston.

And  here is a “before” picture.

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) helped the Houston Downtown Park Conservancy, a group of leading local foundations, philanthropists and civic officials, to facilitate a community process to develop a vision and program for the future park, with the idea that this would become Houston’s “Backyard.”

And from the Houston Downtown Park Concervancy,
The first step in our process was to investigate the wide range of parks in other great cities and identify those that are vibrant centers of the city’s life. We looked for parks that attracted people to not just sit and enjoy the view but to do things individually and in groups. We found parks that were filled with people, that were a destination in their area because they provided a place for interaction, a place with people and a place where this could and did happen.

So they integrate those ideas into the Houston lifestyle or culture and you have another world class inner city park!

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