Los Angeles Freeway Murals

There is a very interesting tradition of public art in Los Angeles.

Here is a photograph of some freeway art by Gary Voth.

Here is a good article that outlines the history and discusses problems of restoration of LA’s freeway murals.

There is also the Mural Conservancy of Los Angles (MCLA)

Perhaps the most well known and influential (aside from the enourmous influence of Diego Rivera) mural artist in LA is Kent Twitchell ( work already seen above in Gary Voth’s photograph).

But there has recently been some trouble in paradise as a developer has painted over one of Twitchell’s works, a large painting of LA artist Ed Ruscha.
It is going to be interesting for everyone interested in public art to see how that plays out in the courts.
Meanwhile, grafitti tagging is taking it’s toll on the system.

Here is a mural by Frank Romero done for the LA Olympics.

And a great example of what to do with the columns under the freeways by Angel.

Los Angeles Murals

Hitting The Wall

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