Canadian Car & Foundry

Significant company in the history of Turcot. It started out as the Canada Car Company in 1905 and its plant at Turcot, Montreal was completed in August 1905 and had a capacity of 7,500 freight cars and 150 passenger cars per year. Full story here.

In 1909 this plant joined in the merger with Dominion Car & Foundry Co., Montreal, and Rhodes, Curry & Co., Amherst, N.S. under the name Canadian Car & Foundry Co.

Various buildings belonging to CC&F were located along the north side of the Lachine Canal or just along the south side of Highway 20.
Some offices were here

And this was a pattern shop

Here is a detail of the large main plant located on Place Turcot (street)

Today the main plant is covered in the aluminum siding of the Krueger papermill company.

And here is a view from above showing the ol CC&F plant (Krueger)and in the upper left a much busier Turcot Yard and the Interchange.

For more Industrial Photographs from McGill University please go here.


6 responses to “Canadian Car & Foundry

  1. Hello there: My father worked at the Canadian Car and Foundry, in Amherst, as Mechanical Superintendent, helping to assemble small aircraft. My family lived there during that time, and I can remember walking to school and seeing the parts of crashed airplanes, pieces of wings and tails, from these yellow trainers. My father still has his copy of the shop manual that was issued to him on his first day of work. All of the production line was laid off immediately after the War, his separation slip, and receipt from War Housing are here also.

  2. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather all worked at Canadian Car at this location. This company provided employment to many soliders returning from WW1 as was the case of my great-grandfather. Great to see a post about it! Had only a vague idea of where the company was located. Your article helped situate the place for me.

  3. My grandfather was the GM of the CCF until the early 1950s when he retired. My father and many members of our family worked there. I have some photos of the plant and various company events included a series detailing rail car production for the Indian National Railways. I am interested in exchanging info on the company with anyone who has simiilar interests.

  4. That’s about all I know, Andrew. Perhaps you might be able to track down, David, above? I would also be happy to post some pictures if you want to send me a few along with any pertinent information. It could bring some people out of the woodwork 🙂 email me at neathatturcot (at) yahoo dot ca

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