Asbestos Removal

The last remaining buildings at Turcot proper were taken down in February, 2005. But some special precautions were taken to contain the asbestos that was in this old one.

They put telephone poles around the perimeter of the building and then "wrap" it up with orange plastic sheeting which indicates that it is a biohazard site.

Given that this loader is smashing all this stuff up before it loads it onto a truck and that there is usually a good cross wind blowing over Turcot Yards, it may be safe to say that these guys at least have followed official procedures.

And the inevitable aesthetics of asbestos removal.

  Health Canada Asbestos Page


4 responses to “Asbestos Removal

  1. Hi Ken

    Finally got around to looking at this site. Your photos are remarkable and the information was useful. Keep clicking! You have a good eye.

    regards helen

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  3. Granted that this laborer is breaking all this personalty up before it loads it onto a motortruck and that there is unremarkably a great affliction meander blowing over Turcot Yards. It may be innocuous to say that these guys at smallest eff followed firefighter procedures. Then if it would be great for our place, I will support.
    Asbestos Removal Montreal

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