More Traffic Considerations

Taken from a presentation by the NDG Community Council on
June 8, 2005

“We are generally in favor of the reconfiguration of the highway links planned to connect with the site, recognizing the importance of the principle of facilitating traffic entering the hospital site as quickly as possible following leaving highways. There are many related potential developments in NDG, which we believe need to be taken into consideration in order to develop the best traffic patterns. Amongst these are the Cavendish Boulevard Extension, the potential development of the Turcot Yards, the interest expressed by Wal-Mart in establishing themselves in the vicinity of St. Jacques and Cavendish, the likely redevelopment of the Trinity Memorial Church on Sherbrooke and Northcliffe Avenues (particularly critical if developed as a two-story Loblaws) and the added impact of traffic related to the new medical services which will likely arise in the immediate area. Each of these potential changes will have a ripple effect, impacting upon whatever changes take place to accommodate the hospital. We believe that the changes related to the hospital ought not to be determined piecemeal, but that the “bigpicture” be studied taking all these factors into account.”

Sherbrooke Street 2010?

At least it looks like they will have tree lined streets and convenient places to shop!


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