SYN-atelier d’exploration urbaine

Here is a work by the very interesting local art group, SYN-atelier d’exploration urbaine.

“Starting off with the fact that residual space is produced and abandoned by contemporary urbanisation, that much of it will not be developed in a near future and, also, that many of these sites have spatial and landscape qualities favourable to temporary occupation, the first phase of the project Hypothèses d’amarrages (Mooring Hypothesis) proposes using picnic tables to squat an array of selected interstitial sites of the Montreal Metropolitan area. The intention of the intervention is to exploit the potential of these forgotten, trivialised or underused spaces to offer to urbanites new possibilities of interaction with the urban landscape. The picnic tables constitute here probes that witness the “spacing” to find and to exploit in the spatio-temporal system of the existing city.”

From 2001

And from 2005

picnic table
Interstice between two autoroute pillars in the vicinity of Gadbois recreational center and the Lachine Canal bike path

SYN-atelier d’exploration urbaine

And for this particular project.

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