Beach Volleyball

Montreal’s transportation party, Projet Montreal, is having a party, and you are invited. In case you can’t read this poster the address is Beach Volleyball Centre, 110 Square Gallery, off the Lachine Canal next to the Wellington bridge. Wednesday from 6 to midnight.
projet montreal
Look for the blue picnic table.

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2 responses to “Beach Volleyball

  1. Just got back from the event and it was amazing! You can’t ask for a more idyllic setting, right beside the Lachine Canal… Charles Papasoff played incredible jazz, the smell of BBQ was in the air, people were talking about their hopes for Montreal’s future.

    The 365 inc is the kind of hidden gem that needs to be celebrated and protected … Especially in context of all the private developers aspiring to build a mega shopping mall in the middle of historic Griffintown. The owners Paul Lisci and Kathryn Garrett are part of a young, healthy group committed to bringing their sport to a wider audience. They regularly open their complex (open year round) for fundraisers and community events.

    … For the record, Projet Montréal is much, much more than just the ‘transportation’ party; they really do believe that a change is needed in terms of how we govern our city.

  2. Sounds great. You have a good point about calling Projet Montreal a “transportation party”. Looks like I was doing some mental shorthand that I assumed readers would “get”.
    I am my own worst editor.

    And for the record I will be voting for Projet Montreal. The other two parties are old, almost dead. It is time for a change!

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