Will Self

Interesting article about this British author who in 2006 walked from Kennedy Airport to his Manhattan hotel.

“By Mr. Self’s usual standards, the walk from Kennedy to Manhattan, about 20 miles, is a mere stroll. What recommended it was that it would take him through parts of the city that most people never notice while driving in a car: an experience that Mr. Self, a student of psycho-geography, believes has imposed a “windscreen-based virtuality” on travel, cutting us off from experiencing our own topography.”

Not sure if I am ready to call myself a psychogeographist but there is definitely some kind of identification going on. The aesthetic experience of it all is interesting and the people you are likely to meet go from completely anonymous and forgotten locals to form an incredible cast of characters for each “epic narrative ” that the walk sets in motion. Stories, we are all writing stories, but very few of us will ever participate in the epic narrative of our own lives unless we break loose from the so called comfort of things such as “windscreen-based virtuality”.

Go for a walk on a street you have never been on today.

Will Self

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2 responses to “Will Self

  1. Thanks Neath for pointing out another walker.

    I have been quite surprised at the the lack of walker/bloggers. The ones that showed some promise faded away. I thought, what with green issues and health issues and gas issues walking and walking bloggers would “take off”.


  2. I know what you mean, Ron! You really would think that our blogrolls would go on forever with just the “Other Walkers” section. Anyway, at least there are us “vets” blazing the trail :P

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